HostMonster vs BlueHost

HostMonster vs BlueHost- In the battle of the family members, HostMonster Promo is going to compare two of the best web hosting companies in this HostMonster vs BlueHost. Both of these companies were founded by the same company and offer very similar web hosting features. In addition to providing the readers of HostMonster Promo a thorough review of these cheap web hosting providers, we are also going to provide you with some HostMonster coupon and BlueHost coupon links to help you save nearly 45% off each of these top web hosting providers!


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So, what is the big deal about our BlueHost coupon and HostMonster coupon links above? That is easy…both will save you a ton of money! That’s right. Both of those web hosting coupons will save you nearly 45% off the normal price of BlueHost and HostMonster. They each have a normal price of $6.95 a month and no matter which one you choose, HostMonster or BlueHost, you will only pay under four dollars a month when you use the listed HostMonster promo price and BlueHost promo price links!

One would have to ask why would the same company open up two cheap web hosting providers only to compete against each other. The simplest answer that we know of is that when BlueHost was started, HostMonster wasn’t a thought at the time. BlueHost was a couple years old when HostMonster started up. Both companies were founded with the same concept of offering the most unlimited web hosting features you can find at affordable web hosting prices. The other key component of both HostMonster and BlueHost is their customer support. While HostMonster Promo is going to talk about the HostMonster features and BlueHost features, but we really want to talk about the customer support features that BlueHost offers along with HostMonster.

Both BlueHost and HostMonster offer the same customer support package. Why change when you have already created something that works! Both companies offer free phone support, free live chat, free email support, free tutorials, and free user forums. Yes, all these features are free and included in every web hosting plan! A lot of other cheap web hosting providers offer free customer support but not to the level that HostMonster and BlueHost offer! They may offer free phone support but it isn’t the toll free phone support. They charge you for the long distance phone call! HostMonster Promo has used both of these customer support systems and is 100% satisfied with each of them! Perhaps the best feature we can think of is the live chat. This is amazing. If it is a sales question or a simple technical issue, you can get it answered real quick. Now, there are cases in which your issue my too technical to answer via live chat, but rest assure that your problem or question will be answered!

Now, onto all the unlimited web hosting features and core web hosting features that BlueHost and HostMonster offers. Both offer unlimited disk space, unlimited data transfer, unlimited hosted domains, unlimited email accounts, free domain name, free marketing credits, free customer support, WordPress, forum software, shopping cart software, PHP, MySQL databases, domain hosting features and much more. Most of the third party applications you could ask for are found within the SimpleScripts aspect of the control panel.

Speaking of the control panel, both HostMonster and BlueHost offer the cPanel control panel. The cPanel control panel is perhaps the best control panel out there. Some hosts try to use their own control panel which ends up being a disaster for the customers. With the cPanel control panel everything is displayed prominently and set up for the users to easily navigate around.

Choosing between BlueHost or HostMonster isn’t that easy but no matter which one you choose you can be sure you are getting some of the best web hosting at some of the best prices around! Activate our BlueHost promo and HostMonster promo prices by visiting our official links.